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Sky Angel Offers Family-Friendly Television & Radio

Free Sky Anegl IPTV System
FAITH $14.99 a month
30 Christian Channels
FAMILY $19.99 a month
20 Family Channels

Get A Free Sky Angel IPTV Set-top Box!
For a limited time new subscribers to Sky Angel IPTV can receive a free set-top box with an 18-month commitment. This offer is good with all 3 of our faith and family packages.

Try Sky Angel With A 30-Day Risk-Free Trial
Along with the free set-top box offer, Sky Angel is offering a 30-day risk-free trial. If you find that for some reason you wish to cancel your subscription, act within the first 30 days of activation and avoid any cancellation fees that may apply otherwise.

Get Ready To Order Sky Angel

Best Sky Angel Deals It's easy and affordable. There's never been a better time to join the thousands of individuals and families who already count Sky Angel as a blessing in their lives every day.

The Sky Angel IPTV system is really no different than a traditional cable or satellite hookup. The only difference is that you plug a high-speed ethernet cable into the back of the receiver. Other than that, it is simple to install, and even easier to watch.

Experience a complete onscreen program guide, digital quality picture, and the ease of a remote control. Sit back and enjoy the best Christian programming in North America.

Sky Angel is now taking orders for its IPTV service, which features the widest variety of Christian TV and radio channels ever made available in one package by a television service provider, plus many popular mainstream family channels, including news and sports.

Why It’s Important To Subscribe To Sky Angel

Sky Angel is a multi-channel, direct-to-home satellite television system committed to providing families with a faith-based and family-friendly choice in television. Sky Angel is on a Christian Mission to bring your Christian TV programming. Sky Angel was the first channel to own and operate a DBS Satellite service.

Now years later, we are the first company to offer Christian TV through our new IPTV technology. Christians finally own and control a multi-channel direct-to-home IPTV system that cannot be influenced or interrupted by secular electronic media middlemen that may want to censor or exclude faith-based programming, and Christian programmers no longer have to wait and depend upon secular-owned and -operated systems for carriage.

Sky Angel is a satellite operator whose mission is to deliver multiple channels of quality family entertainment and Christian-inspirational programming along with 24-hour news directly into homes, churches, colleges, businesses and more throughout America and eventually around the globe.

In addition, Sky Angel provides no-cost airtime to the Christian channels carried on Sky Angel; in exchange, these channels agree to help spread the word about Sky Angel.

When you subscribe to Sky Angel, you are not only receiving multiple TV and radio channels of faith, family and news programming 24 hours a day you are also providing financial support to help ensure that there will always be a place for faith and family programming, and more importantly, a secure, unrestricted communications outlet for the Gospel—an effective tool to equip the Church for evangelism and to reach the masses with the message of Jesus Christ.

Sky Angel’s IPTV service is here in the U.S.!

The Sky Angel IPTV Receiver

We are pleased to announce that Sky Angel has made dramatic improvements to the way we deliver our Christian and family-friendly television service to our subscribers. The Sky Angel television service is now available in the United States using a broadband Internet protocol with programming still delivered to the TV, commonly known as IPTV. It will be received by the viewer through a broadband Internet connection and small set-top box.

The IPTV technology does not require an outside dish or antenna, professionally installed equipment or a computer. In addition to a multitude of new value-added services and conveniences, IPTV will provide our subscribers with the ability to maximize their viewing experience.

IPTV enables programs to be viewed not only on conventional televisions, but also on personal computers and handheld instruments, which will provide viewers the benefit of receiving programs at home and on the go. Other key benefits of IPTV include an ability to install the equipment simply and easily, to retrieve programs that have already aired, much like a personal video recorder, and to utilize Video on Demand.

Sky Angel’s Christian Television
and Radio Programming

TV Channels Radio Channels
  • Almavision
  • Angel One
  • Angel Two
  • CatholicTV
  • CTN
  • The Church Channel
  • Cornerstone TeleVision Network
  • Credo TV
  • EWTN (English)
  • EWTN (Spanish)
  • Faith TV
  • FamilyNet
  • God TV
  • Golden Eagle Broadcasting
  • Gospel Music Channel
  • Gospel Music Television Network
  • Guardian Television Network
  • JCTV
  • KTV - Kids and Teens Television
  • Liberty Channel
  • The Miracle Channel
  • SafeTV Channel
  • Smile of a Child TV
  • Spirit Television Network
  • TBN Enlace USA
  • Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN)
  • TCT
  • Total Living Network (TLN)
  • TVU Music Television
  • World Harvest Television
  • The Worship Network
  • AllWorship
  • America’s Talk Satellite Network
  • Bott Radio Network
  • CSN International
  • EWTN Global Catholic Radio
  • EWTN Radio Católica Mundial
  • God Listens/KSBJ
  • His Kids Radio
  • KTLW Radio Network
  • Moody Broadcasting Network
  • Oasis Radio Network
  • Radio Nueva Vida Network
  • RadioU
  • Sacred Favorites
  • Solid Gospel
  • Today's Christian Music
  • Voice of Jerusalem
  • Way-FM
  • The Word in Praise
  • Z-73